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Nalknad Palce

Bhagamandala is on the foothills of Talcauvery and is 39 km from Madikeri. Bhagamandala is the confluence of the sacred rivers of Cauvery and Kannike and legend has it that a third river Sujyothi, a subterranean stream, joins the two rivers. The Bhagandeshwara temple is located on the banks of the two rivers and is one of the important pilgrimage centers in Coorg. Pilgrims proceed to Talcauvery only after offering worship at Bhagamandala. Bhagamandala is also famous for honey and its apiaries. Every year, at a predetermined time, water gushes out from a small pond at Talacauvery, the birthplace of river Cauvery. Talacauvery is known for its natural beauty. 

Bhagamandala - Talacauvery

Gaddige or the tombs are built in Muhammadan style with tombs at the center and turrets at the corners. Nandi figures are carved on top of the corners. The entrance of the tombs has carvings too. Lord Shiva is placed and worshipped inside the tomb since the king was Hindu. This is a very fascinating fact because most of the tombs belong to Muslim kings and dynasties.

There are three tombs built for the royal dynasty. The central tomb which is the largest among the three is of Kodava king Doddaveerarajendra and his wife Mahadeviamma. The right tomb built by Chikkaveerarajendra for his father Lingarajendra in 1820 A.D. The left tomb belongs to Veerarajendra’s guru Rudrappa built in 1834 A.D.

Gaddige Raja’s Tomb

Dubare Elephant camp is a project undertaken by forest department. This camp has plenty of elephants which are trained under naturalists A trained Naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of Elephant history, ecology and biology. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities involving Elephants.

Dubare Elephant Camp

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Omkareshwara Temple located at the heart of the Madikeri Town, Omkareshwara temple was built by king Lingarajendra in 1820. The temple has both Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture, built around a central pool. It is said Lingarajendra killed an honest and pious Brahmin to fulfill his political ambitions. That Brahmin became a "Brahmarakshasa" and started troubling the king. In order to purify himself for the killing of a Brahmin, he was advised to construct a temple to Lord Shiva. He brought a Shivalinga from Kashi, and the temple was built and named "Omkareshwara".

Omkareshwara Temple

Abbet Falls is part of the early reaches of the river Kaveri. Flow is much higher during the monsoon season. The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines. A hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls. There is a Kali Mata temple on one side of the bridge. From Madikeri the falls are accessible by a narrow road to the coffee estate. A path through coffee and cardamom plantations leads to the waterfalls. The roar of the falls can be heard from the road.

Abbey Falls

Coorg also known as Kodagu, is an administrative district in Karnataka, India. It occupies an area of 4,102 square kilometres (1,584 sq mtr) in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka. It is a hilly district, the lowest elevation of which is 3,000 ft above sea-level. The highest peak, Tadiandamol, rises to 1,750 metres (5,740 ft), with Pushpagiri, the second highest, at 1,715 metres (5,627 ft). The main river in Kodagu is the Kaveri (Cauvery), which originates at Talakaveri, located on the eastern side of the Western Ghats.

The district capital is Madikeri or Mercara, Other significant towns include Virajpet (Virarajendrapet),  Kushalanagara, Somwarpet and Gonikoppal. The district is divided into the three administrative talukas: Madikeri, Virajpet and Somwarpet. The district is bordered by Dakshina Kannada district to the northwest, Hassan district to the north,Mysore district to the east, Kannur district of Kerala to the southwest, and the Wayanad district of Kerala to the south. 

In July and August, rainfall is intense, and there are often showers into November. Yearly rainfall may exceed 4,000 millimetres (160 in) in some areas. In dense jungle tracts, rainfall reaches 3,000 to 3,800 millimetres (120 to 150 in) and 1,500 to 2,500 millimetres (59 to 98 in) in the bamboo district to the west. Kodagu has an average temperature of 15 °C (59 °F), ranging from 11 to 28 °C (52 to 82 °F), with the highest temperatures occurring in April and May.

About Coorg

Chelavara Falls

Chelavara Falls is one of the most beautiful falls in Coorg, which is located about 26 km away from Madikeri. This fall is popularly known as the Embepare, which means Tortoise Rock in the colloquial language. From the waterfall, visitors can view the water gushing through the green coffee plantation. Tourists visiting Chelavara Falls can also visit Choma Kund hill, which is just 2 km away from the falls. The best part of visiting Chelavara falls is that ‘Chomakund’ a renowned hill is just 2 kms away from here. Chomakund is an awesome place surrounding with lush green shrubs and trees and is almost covered in fog most of the time. One can also get a glance of the Arabian Sea from here.

Nisargadhama is a breathtakingingly beautiful island off the state highway, two km from Kushalanagar town and 28 km from Madikeri. The 64-acre island, surrounded by the Cauvery river, can be accessed by walking across a hanging bridge. Established in 1989, the picturesque picnic spot with lush foliage of thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees has lovely river-side cottages. A deluxe cottage on stilts with the Cauvery flowing around it, can accommodate five persons. Elephant rides and boating are some of the other attractions. There is a deer park, children's park and orchidarium in the resort. Medicinal plants are also grown. Tourists are allowed to get into water at a few shallow and safe points along the river.

Kaveri Nisargadhama

Must Visit Place in Coorg

Raja's Seat (Seat of the King) is a seasonal garden of flowers and artificial fountains. A pleasant spectacle of refreshing layers of greenery, chain of high and low-rise-mountains attired with mist, the Raja Garden is one-time-favorites of Kings of Kodagu who used to watch the setting sun, and spend time with their queens here.The structure is small square in brick and mortar of four pillars bridged by arches, enhanced by beautiful surroundings. This lovely spot was a favorite place of recreation for the Rajas and hence was permanently associated with them. It is built on a high level ground with a commanding view of the cliffs and valleys to the west. Early in the morning as the sun is just rising in the east, the mist shrouded valley below offers a rare sight. The golden light of the setting sun is a splendor to watch. There is also an attraction of the Toy Train for children.

Raja Seat


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Nalknad Palace called Naalnaad Aremane in the local Kodava language, it is located near a village named Yavakapadi, kakkabe and was built between the years 1792 and 1794 AD. This palace was the last refuge of the last of the Haleri kings of Kodagu, Chikka Veerarajendrabefore he was deposed by the British.